13 Eye of the Storm

12 The  Bakra

11 Uncharted

10 Heaven and Earth

09 The Doldrums

08 First Wife

07 Crème de menthe

06 A.Malcolm

05 Freedom & Whisky

04 Of Lost Things

03 All Debts Paid

02 Surrender

01 The Battle Joined

Claire, pregnant with Jamie, had no choice but to go back over the stones of Craigh Na Dun to return in 1948 to Frank and raise his child there. 

Desperate and unable to forget the man she loves above all else, she tries to look good and, braving the machismo of the time, began studying medicine and surgery. 

In 1746, Jamie, surviving in spite of himself of the bloody battle that finally ended the revolt of the Scottish clans, must learn to survive without Claire, whether in a wet and cold cave on the outskirts of Lallybroch or as a prisoner of war at Ardsmuir prison, where an unexpected encounter awaits him. 

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