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Behind the scenes of the making of the biggest intimate scenes in the series  


Discussion with the actors, the technical team and the creators of the series to know exactly how the biggest and best intimate scenes of Outlander were produced. 

The ballad of Roger Mac 


Throughout this season, but even more so in this episode, the internal conflict of Colonel James Fraser as head of the colonial militia regularly increases stress, frustration and fear to the same level as Culloden's horror. decades ago 

Little journeycake analysis

The penultimate episode of season 5 of Outlander begins to answer the questions asked earlier in the season: will the regulators and the Browns come back?  Will a new villain replace Bonnet? 

Reflections on Never my love 


Caitriona Balfe discuss the trauma of Claire in the season 5 finale of Outlander. As an actress and executive producer, she breaks down the heaviest moments of the episode and her hopes for the next season of Outlander 


Why Sex-Ed Classes Should Use Steamy Scenes From 'Outlander' To Teach Consent" 


2018  - By Carey Goldberg 



Meeting with Jessica Bergeault 


Base Runner on the set of Outlander during seasons 2 and 3 


Season 2 Finale: Dragonfly in amber 


 Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Take Us Inside Claire and Jamie’s Farewell Scene  


Shipwrecked souls 


Behind the scenes of Claire and Jamie's incredible journey : Finale season 3 


Interview of Sam Heughan on the final of season 4 


By Julie Kosin in January 2019 for the Bazaar newspaper 


Filming the flogging 


 Ronald D. Moore and the cast  break down the Fort William scene  


The construction of a feminine emotional weaving in the Outlander series 


Outlander pays particular attention to the emotional realism of his characters in a fictional world marked by science fiction and history. 

Murtagh, from Diana Gabaldon's point of view 


The author of the Saga explains to us what she thinks of the character, whether in the saga or in the series. It validates the choices made by the writers who made Jamie's godfather survive after the Battle of Culloden 

Sam Heughan and his dream body 


His turn as rugged, romantic Jamie Fraser on Outlander has made Sam Heughan one of the most desired men on TV 

An Anthropologist’s Obsession with Outlander  


By Dr. Carie Little Hersh is an American cultural anthropologist, former attorney, and teaching professor in Anthropology at Northeastern University. This is her personal blog about anthropology and its relevance to everyday life.  

Sam Heughan Talks Us Through the Five Stages of Jamie's Sadness 


Who is Jamie Fraser now? The man we knew from seasons one and two of Outlander has gone through a monumental shift after losing the love of his life 

Ronald D. Moore and Terry Dresbach  


the creators of the series in several interviews 


Diana Gabaldon  (2016) 


I helped Outlander stay true to Scotland 



Claire and her ether, what Diana Gabaldon says  


Claire is a healer. But what does a healer do when she feels damaged herself? In the first episode of season 6, Claire seeks refuge from her traumatic thoughts using her latest medical invention: ether.   

What if Outlander's real cursed lovers were Claire and Frank? 


The extraordinary fates of Jamie and Claire are certainly tragic but their romance is part of a totally fantasized fiction. Claire and Frank are entangled in a much more ordinary reality: that of married life. 

The metaphors of “Temperance” 

Diana Gabaldon confides in this episode which she particularly appreciates and draws the parallel with her book: La neige et la cendre. Especially on the theme of "touch" and what differentiates Jamie and Tom Christie 

Season 6 Finale 


A detailed analysis of this incredible episode, followed by a removed interview of the two main actors, Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe, by Jessica Radloff, on May 1, 2022 for the newspaper Glamour 

Herbalism in the series 


Interview with Claire MacKay, herbalist advisor on the first season, followed by an interview with Diana Gabaldon about plants.  

Interview with actors and producers about season 6 


What they thought of the new characters, the plot, the evolution of the Fraser's Ridge community, but also the story arc of the different couples and the transformation of Lizzie.  

William Ranson and Season 7 


Excerpt from William's arrival in America: Volume 6: Snow and Ash. 
Interview with Diana Gabaldon about the character as well as the choice of the actor to play him in the upcoming season 7.  

The torrid scenes under close surveillance  


Why it was finally necessary to call on Vanessa Coffey, intimacy coordinator during the sixth season. A hodgepodge of interviews.  

Season Six Extra  


Testimony of an extra during the filming in Wilmington for season 6.
From the contract to make-up sessions, including the choice of clothes and positioning instructions. Everything is there to put us in the mood!   

Interview with Guillebrìde MacMillan 


Gillebrìde MacMillan was a Gaelic consultant for the sixth season of Outlander. The language consultant had surprisingly not even heard of the hit saga when his friend shared a Facebook post with him saying they were looking for Gaelic singers. 

Interview with Guillebrìde MacMillan 


Gillebrìde MacMillan was a Gaelic consultant for the sixth season of Outlander. The language consultant had surprisingly not even heard of the hit saga when his friend shared a Facebook post with him saying they were looking for Gaelic singers. 

Never my love, the costumes in Claire's dream 


Trisha Biggar, the series' new costume designer, reveals the inspiration behind Claire's hallucination look, plus a few surprises you probably missed on first viewing 

80s costumes 


A first look at Outlander's big time jump in Season 7 from executive producer Maril Davis, actress Sophie Skelton and costume designer Trisha Biggar 

Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Moments From All 7 Seasons 


In photos, special moments during the filming of the different seasons.
The costumes, the actors, the friendships, the stunts and the decisions to be made. The discoveries, the laughs and the surprise guests...  A nice look through the Outlander lens.