Even if, undeniably, I fell in the pot of Outlander, this incredible saga is not my only passion.   

If that tells you, here is a page to showcase sites that reflect other facets of my life. 




Next, my professional site.
It offers texts, videos, photos, links to everything I have been able to produce in relation to autism. but also on my books and the two films that I co-directed. I also offer all of the training that I provide to professionals caring for people with autism. 

For years, I was phobic to insects. And then one day, I received a camera for my birthday and I went on an adventure of the infinitely small.  

In just a few weeks, I managed to overcome my fear which turned into fascination. Here is the result of these wonderful meetings.   

My very first passion, my very first adventure, what defines me beyond everything else is writing.   

I have written a lot about autism, whether it be testimonials or appearances in scientific journals. But I also write works of fiction. Everything is here. on the website of the UK Edition   

 And if after all this you don't have enough, here are the links to my various social networks. 

First of all, My dedicated page on the encyclopaedic site: wikimonde.