A Bit of History

History of Scotland and America 


The clans in the Highlands, their revolutions against the British crown until the defeat of Prestonpans... then the British colonies in North America with on one side the governors and their opponents, the regulators, and on the other, the Indians, whether Cherokee or Mohawk. In short, the story in the background of Outlander

Outlander, its heroes and their religions 


Dossier in 12 parts consisting of Françoise Rochet and Gratianne Garcia.
Culture, faith, the importance of religious movements, in Europe for the first chapter, then in the British colonies where several churches were opposed. The meeting with the natives of course. From Nova Scotia to South Carolina, how did European settlers organize themselves to lay the foundations of this new world.    

Outlander, its heroes and the War of Independence 


The time of the installation has passed. The crown was enriched on the backs of sharecroppers and slaves through landlords, governors and lawyers. But the revolt rumbled, supported by Benjamin Franklin, determined to emancipate himself from the crown to found an independent state.

Jamie facing history in Outlander 


A man of action and conviction, Jamie Fraser does more than adapt to history, he is part of it.
Whether by becoming a printer, leading a colonial militia or, conversely, by joining the ranks of the sons of freedom. Jamie is never inactive, never a spectator, but always the master of his destiny.