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Born in Arizona, on 11/01/1952 


from a father from New Mexico and an English mother from Yorkshire. 

Diana Gabaldon holds a bachelor's degree in zoology from Northern Arizona University (1970-1973), a master's degree in marine biology from the University of California at San Diego (1973-1975) and a Ph.D. Ecology of Northern Arizona University (1975-1978). 


- In 1977, she married Doug Watkins. They have three children, including fantasy author Sam Sykes (1984). 


- From 1980 to 1992, Diana Gabaldon was professor of ecology at the Environmental Science Center at the University of Arizona before devoting herself to full-time fictional creation. 

His first writing attempts were posted on the CompuServe Writing Forum. Positive feedback from other forum members persuaded her to finish and publish her first novel 'The Thistle and the Tartan'. 

For her first writing, Diana wanted to write a historical novel. One day, while watching the television series 'Doctor Who', she was impressed by the character of a young Scotsman of 1745. The image of the young man in kilts marked her, and she decided to situate her novel in the Eighteenth century Scotland and to name his male character Jamie from the character of 'Doctor Who'. 

'The Thistle and the Tartan', the first volume of the series 'Outlander' (also called 'The Stone Circle'), is published in 1991. Gabaldon knows a huge success with the saga, which has more than twenty million readers worldwide and featured in a television series premiered on August 9, 2014. She was the recipient of the People's Choice Award for Best Drama Series. 

In 2010, Gabaldon adapted the first third of 'Outlander' in the graphic novel 'The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel', illustrated by Hoang Nguyen. 

The saga 'Lord John' (1998-2011) is derived from 'Outlander' and takes again the adventures of one of the secondary characters appearing in several volumes. It is composed of five novels and three novels. 

Diana Gabaldon lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband. 

Diana Gabaldon

The Outlandish Companion 


1999  Interview with Diana Gabaldon after the release of the bookanuary  By Linda Richards




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2005 - Diana responds, with the outspokenness we know her, to critics of Frank Randall. 




Why Sex-Ed Classes Should Use Steamy Scenes From 'Outlander' To Teach Consent" 


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2002 Discussion after the book  

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January 1997 
Ann Shayne Interview



The kiss in Laoghaire  

 2016 -Diana Gabaldon's response to a reader about Jamie's kiss to Laoghaire in the first volume 


 Articles & interviews


Fall treat for "Outlander" fans  


2009 - About the 7th opus: The echo of distant hearts
By Rebecca Bain 




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2010 - Some rules of writing 

By Diana Gabaldon 




The "Kilt-factor" 


2018 - The underside of the Outlander saga
By Fasseur Barbara 



Sam is Jamie, by Diana Gabaldon 


 2013 - to talk about the choice of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser's interpreter 


Interview about the 8th opus 


2013 - for the release of "Written in my own heart's blood"  



18th century body odors 


2020 - Diana Gabaldon responds to fans who wonder about body odor she often refers to throughout her saga.  

She also talks about layering the clothes regularly mentioned.   



Why volume 9 is long overdue 


2021 - Here are some food for thought written by Courtney Williams for the outlanderbts website, commented by Diana herself. 


The insufferable Brianna 


2021 - As she previously did with Frank Randall, Diana takes the time to defend her character by recalling past and present context. 

The Ghost of Inverness 

2020 - Diana evokes the ghost of Inverness. Does she know who he really is? Does it have a leading role? Are the fans close to the truth? The author answers without ever revealing more than necessary. 


When Jamie and Claire fell in love 


2020 - Diana splits fans over the exact timing. 


The Outlander effect 


2015 - Diana Gabaldon writes about her way of writing
Interview with Rebecca Monks 



Diana, reader since childhood  

2013: Diana confides in Barbara Regan about her relationship to reading and reacts to some recurring questions from her readers.  


The origins of Lord John, by Diana 


Lord John is a mushroom, one of those characters who appear out of nowhere and impose themselves in every scene they find themselves in. 

Diana Gabaldon chats about her ‘Outlander’ characters aging, senior sex and more from ‘Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone’ 


By Rebekah Denn
December 2021 

Malva Christie, a psychopath 


Diana Gabaldon's review 

source: thelitforum, February 2023
artwork: Magnanimous Art 

8 burning questions for Diana 


Diana always took the time to answer fan questions! This is one of the reasons that make her an extraordinary person. 

Write for the series 


2015 - Diana Gabaldon explains the writing process for the 2011 episode 


Diana responds to Karen Henry 


2018 - Creator of the Outlandish Observasion website