The absence 

Poem of Catullus 

Freedom and Whiskey: 

The Road Not Taken  


Pledge of Allegiance 

Wedding greetings 

The toast of the guard 

Crown Oath 


The Skye Boat 

The lady of Balnain 

The boogieWoogie 

I once loved a lass 

Eisd Ris 




Moch Sa Mhadainn 


Poems and Songs 

Promises and Oaths  

Spells and Prayers 

My darling Clémentine  

Never my love 

Wool Waulking Song 

Highland laddie 

O flower of Scotland 

Griogal Cridhe 

Ave Maria 

Tha mi sgìth 'n fhògar seo 

The Deasi charm 

Prayer of the hunt 

Let her go 

Prayer at Sainte-Anne de Beaupré 

Prayer to Dougal 

Grace of Amish McKenzie
Blessing to Jamie
Chimney Blessing

Ave Maria by Claire 

Blessings of the Swarms 

The charm of the blade 

Catholic baptism
Presbyterian marriage

Prayer to the earth
Soporific prayer
Funeral ceremony


Love charm 


Against ghosts 

The Cattle 

Cattle herding
Consecration of the hunt
Prayer for the deceased
Ordination of Roger
Soldiers Blessing

I have lived through war  

The bravest  

The Lake Isle of Innisfree  

Half of my soul 

Hippocratic Oath 

The oath of the vanquished 

The call of the clans