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Outlander, beyond the history and undisputed talent of its author, these are also, and above all, fundamental themes that concern us all and that generate fascinating and passionate discussions. Courage, fidelity, faith, and above all that, love of course, this ideal love that makes us dream, but which displays over the pages and seasons the price that must be paid for the merit. 

These themes, they speak to us, send us back to ourselves ... to ourselves in front of others! Hence this need to share. And that's why, several months ago, I joined a private group of outlander fans with whom I can share my enthusiasm and passion every day. 

As avid collectors, we are in perpetual quest for the least information, the least photo, the slightest track that allows us to evoke again and again what awakens our hearts and our senses. 

From 16 to 70 years old, from France to Canada, including all French-speaking countries, from workers to intellectuals of all political stripes and religions. There is only one big good-natured and benevolent gathering. 

That's why I wanted to create this site ... Dinna Fash Sassenach ... do not worry, stranger ... you're not alone. Meet me. 

Why propose a site dedicated to the outlander saga and the series it generated? 

One more site, some will say! A site for nothing, others will say ... and in a way, they will be right both. 


But it's because they have never found themselves in a group of people who share this same passion. People who by hundreds, by thousands, and when we talk about the work of Diana Gabaldon, we can talk about millions, got so excited that between us, we talk about addiction 

Why ? 

How ? 

Who ? 

How to talk about Outlander ?  

why at my age, with my experience, I take a while and really want to make a dedicated website ? why I'm part of a facebook group on which I spend almost indecent time ? 

Why do I want to read, re-read and re-read again the eight books, all the 7000 sheets, watch and rewatch again and again the series, dubbed into french, in original language, the right way round, the wrong way round ? Why do I need to listen to the music until having my ears getting warmer? 

Where does this passion, this addiction come from ? 

Who am I ? 

How to present oneself without being too formal? Too impersonal? or conversely too intimate? 

How to choose what matters, what is important? Especially on a page dedicated to such a specific passion? 

My name is Valérie. I am a mother of 5 children whose youngest is autistic, I have a dog, a cat, I live in the south of France, 300 meters from the sea, in a protected park where flamingos meet roses and migratory birds. Gulls nest every spring on the roof of my house and that makes me happy. 

Is that enough? 



I was a pianist and violinist. Teacher and orchestral musician. My life seemed to be going on without any particular problems. I had a more than respectable job, a kindly husband, wonderful children. I can not say if I was happy in this life. In truth, I did not have much time to think about it, especially since my real happiness was in having children. Being a mother has always been my greatest adventure. 


I read almost a book a day and, movie enthusiast, I used to the frame my subscriptions to the cinema of my district. I was doing enough sports to keep fit, so I was stopped, without knowing whether or not it was inevitable. 

A divorce later, a second marriage and my youngest. Autism landing in our family like a tsunami, like a thunder whose roar never stops. Like a swirling rush through the window, making everything that is on its way fly away. 

But that did not destroy me. No, it woke me up. It was necessary to get rid of the superfluous, to define my priorities, to open my eyes to what was fundamental, to what, on the contrary, encumbered my life, preventing me from defining the essential, as one would unload baggage too bulky to save the ship that takes water from all sides. 


Another divorce later ... my big children installed in their turn in their lives, all artists ... I stay with my little everything broken ... But not so broken that it finally, since at his own pace, he makes his place in the world and, in turn, lives his passions. 

I ended up stopping the music. More heart to that, and then, I realized that it did not bother me to no longer be a musician, one of my daughters took over anyway. Instead, I became an author, which I have always been deep inside me to look at. 

I wrote about our family, autism, my thread, disability ... disability in a society. I met health professionals, university professors, doctors, leaders of specialized institutions, governmental actors of medico-social ... And families affected by the handicap of course ... So many families tormented. I made my new way, my fight. To be honest, I made my profession. 

During 14 years I did more than that. Between writing, conferences and training I give to professionals with autism, the management and the good functioning of various associations in which I actively participate, and of course, life alongside my son, I immersed myself in this particular world, like a second skin, like a priesthood. 

To forget me alas. More privacy, more privacy, more love than the one for my children, more flame, more passion ... More dreams. Finally, more dreams for me. 


That's where outlander has infiltrated. In this painfully free field. I found the way to a wonderful dream, passionate passion, tested love, genuine courage. 

I found myself, proud and free, such that finally, I had always been. 

Talking about it here, try to find a way to explain, that's still and always an excuse not to leave this wonderful world which let me excited and stirred. 

That's the way to ease my conscience, giving me the illusion that it's more serious than the only intense excitement of the romantic part of me. 


It's the excuse that I give myself in order not to try to resist to this permanent wonder,,, and shall we say invasive. 

OUTLANDER fill in all the fears, all missing, all unconscious dreams. That's all things opposite to the conscience, the reason, that is illuminate the shadows of a dull life and calm down the pains of a complex life 

Because, in OUTLANDER, there is everything that should make a human being something wonderful, fantastic and worthwhile. Because in OUTLANDER, all has a reason to be, even the worst in oneself.  Anger, bad temper, murder, lie, loneliness, extreme pain, separation and even treason ! Because this shadow is supplanted by only one thing, Love 


Because OUTLANDER speaks about love, No matter to say, no matter to do, whatever the battles or rebellions ! Whatever the facets of a double sense story, geographic, historic, all is the only excuse to talk to us about Love. 

Love of a man, of a woman, of a country, of a region, of a clan, of a child, of a way of life, of Sacrament, Love 

And because this story is so well written, so adapted magically and wonderfully performed. We can only feel included in this love. We are getting caught up in this story, we are stirred, exhilarated. At last, we realise that we are worthy of this love. Be able of this love. We are love. 

We're alive 

Through the stones, through the story and the time, through the wonderful breathtaking landscapes, Through the brave and proud clan's wars, Through a period as primary as marveled. Through the fear and faith 

Through desire and sex 

OUTLANDER, it's me. 

Dinna Fash Sassenach 

Valérie Gay-Corajoud, 

lady of Glencoe & Lochaber