I need my girl 

You are not from here 

Come together 

All I want 

Blood of my blood 

Hands of love 


Always find me here

A tribute to Jamie 


You'll never escape 

You were never gone 

Ye can call me Da 

Their story 


When you open your eyes 


How did you love 


99 years 

Come what may 

Hurts like hell 

Dear God 

Open arms 


My immortal 

Divers Vidéos 

Cécilia Benson 

Julia  LeBlanc 

If I have dedicated a lot of space to the videos of the talented Julia LeBlanc, it's not only because she's prolix, but it's because each of her videos tells with a rare talent, a singular story to inside the Outlander series, highlighting a message, a particularity, an emotion. 

I've sorted out a lot of my videos, of course, based on my personal taste, but I strongly encourage you to visit his  YouTube channel or his sister's page on which his videos are referenced. 

I also offer a lot of videos of another editor, Cécilia Benson, who works in the same spirit as Julia and so some of his videos have literally capsized me. 

And finally, videos found over my pérégrinations on the Net. Drawn right and left, these videos that, alas, do not always show the name of their authors, nor composers are however magnificent. 


Fans and

their videos

A Man Of Honor

Whatever happens

Show must go on

What the World Needs Now is Love

When you came into my life

Come back to me

Warriors, Kill Them All !

There's a Hero In You,

Hungry Like The Wolf


In tne end

I'll be ther for you

Roger McKenzie

Feeling good

Brianna & Roger

Soon you'll get better

Ian Murray

Hold on to me

Finish Line

Now comes the night