Fans analyzes

The Red dress
By Éloïse Picquet 


Ah, Claire's famous red dress! Whether we like it or not, we are forced to admit that it is often - along with that of the wedding - the most beloved dress of the fans.  

What symbolism is behind this present? Beyond its sentimental value, is there a real desire to transmit protection or even to influence the meaning of this new life together? 

The dragonfly in amber
By Céline Liaudet 

The Savages
By Claire Nedelcu 

While Jamie and Young Ian are in Cross Creek, Claire goes to help the daughter-in-law of Gerald Mueller to give birth. 

But now the Indians come to drink their horses on the land of the German settlers. 

The dance of death
By Martine Thimond 


A duel which one could almost say 'fraticide' between 2 soldiers, 2 warriors, can also be considered as a dance, that of Death. 

References of Never My Love
By Eloïse Piquet and Valérie Gay-Corajoud 


Many symbolic references in the last installment of the fifth season! A small non-exhaustive overview. 

You are fan of Outlander? You want to share a text? a poem, a letter, one analysis, a photograph, an outline of your personal collection, and what do I still know? Contact me 

Jamie's body
By Pas Cale

Focus on Jamie's body. Manhandled, sacrificed, cared for, magnified, eroticized ... Jamie's body is a central element of Diana Gabaldon's work and incredibly personified by Sam Heughan. 

To life, to death
By Delphine Robillard

Angus and Rupert, Ross and Kincaid, Hayes and Lesley. are not trump cards, but symbolize the core values evoked in Outlander. Courage, honor and fidelity. 

From Castle Leoch to Lallybroch via Jared's house and Jocasta's home to finally reach Fraser Ridge which finally fulfills all the functions of the house so dreamed of by Claire 

The concept of "home" mentioned in Outlander 

By Delphine Robillard 

Culloden! as an impersonal character whose unhealthy shadow haunts the first three seasons of Outlander and impacts both the life and the choices of Claire and Jamie 

The curse by Culloden
By Tim Larribau

Arrest in the midst of brigands, hand pierced by a nail through the betrayal of the notables ... the similarities between the ordeal of Jesus and that of Jamie Fraser. 

Jamie inspired by Jesus?
By Tim Larribau

Jamie, the love that makes you 

By Marie Modica 


When Jamie's sacrifices allow love to express itself


But who is Joe Abernathy? 

By Françoise Rochet, Gratianne Garcia and Claudine Leroy 


Find out more about this 20th century friend.





I live in darkness 

By Marie Modica  


The dark side of Black Jack Randall and his perverted relationship with Jamie 


Scene of domestic violence and reconciliation  

By Fany Alice 


Followed by: A couple in the making by Gratianne Garçia who completes Fany's article



Consent between Claire and Jamie 

Part 1: Verbal consent 


By Fany Alice



A three-step reflection  

By Marie Modica  


3-part analysis , part 1 :
Episode 8, the in-between-world 


Consent between Claire and Jamie 

Part 2: silent consent 


By Fany Alice




By Fany Alice 


Chapter 36, The Talisman and Episodes 9 & 10 Season 2: Two Different but Complementary Points of View  





Lallybroch or time regained
By Fany Alice  


Comparative analysis of Chapters 26 to 32 of Volume 1: The Thistle and the Tartan and Episode 12 of Season 1  

The thread of fate  
By Fany Alice   


dissects the finale of the Jamaican adventure, whether at the heart of Diana Gabaldon's writing, or in the options of the television version 

The time jumps of season 6
By Gratianne Garcia  


for the first time since the beginning of the series, there is no "physical" time travel. It's all in the suggestion.  

BJR, the perfect antagonist... but why he has to go.  
By Blake Larse


A particularly sharp (and admiring) look at this double character who reveals the shadow parts of our heroes.